Posidonia oceanica
Posidonia oceanica only found in the Mediterranean Sea is a flowering plant and oxygen source for other living organisms like the terrestrial forests.

They distribute until 40 metres depth and assumed as ecosystem engineers since they prevent the coastal erosion acting as barriers. They strengthen the substrate as they spread on the sea bed. The leaves of Posidonia oceanica trap sediment particules in the water column that suspend with the currents and waves.
Sea grasses are under threat because of coastal destructions, recreational activities, mechanical damages such as trawling and boat anchoring, marine pollution since they show very low colonization on the sea bed. That’s why they are under protection with the present action plan as presented by Turkish Marine Law.
Posidonia oceanica forms large beds on the sea bed and is the biodiversity hotspot. It forms a habitat for many marine organisms especially economical fishes for hiding, breeding, spawning.